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IMC Webinar: Thriving Under Stress

IMC Webinar:  Thriving Under Stress

Speaker Mason Turner, MD, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Date: Thursday, 15 February 2018, 12 noon ET

As Issue Managers, we often thrive under pressure and can be counted on to support our organization, colleagues, customers, and the public in crises. But how can we manage our own stress and thrive both professionally and personally when the crises seem to come faster, more frequently, and with greater impact each year?  How can we lead effective teams that can thrive under such conditions as well? Like those in other high-stress professions, we and our employees run the risk of physical, professional, psychological, financial, interpersonal, and family impacts. Dr. Mason Turner is the Director of Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Medicine for Kaiser Permanente, Northern California. As a clinician, Dr. Turner has a passion for and is a leading expert in equipping physicians, other care givers, and those in high-stress professions with the tools they need to thrive under stress.

Join us to discuss strategies and healthy coping mechanisms that can help you and your staff be at your best, even when the latest crisis is at its worst.

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