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IMC Webinar - The Reputation Warrior: Tools, Protocols and Training for Sensitive Topics

IMC Webinar - The Reputation Warrior: Tools, Protocols and Training for Sensitive Topics

Featured Speaker: Lisa Carr, AVP of Reputation, Issues and Crisis Communications, USAA

Date: 16 October 2018 - 11 a.m. until noon, Eastern

In today's environment, every aspect of a company's business is fair game for activism, boycotts and general criticism. The polarized political landscape and speed of social media create a perfect storm so even seemingly benign decisions about where to advertise, which events to sponsor or who to partner with can quickly shift from positive opportunities to crisis events.

After the USAA brand was drawn into controversy surrounding The Sean Hannity Show, the NFL and the NRA, USAA's Reputation, Issues and Crisis team developed additional tools, protocols and training. Lisa Carr, AVP Reputation, Issues and Crisis Communications will share lessons learned and how the company is using these new tools:

  • Reputation Warrior Training for all employees
  • Sensitive Topics Response Strategy, defining that non-response is a strategy
  • Issues Task Force to see around the corner
  • Social Media Reporting designed to douse the executive fire

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