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IMC Webinar - Issue Management in the Boardroom: The Evolving Risk/Opportunity Oversight Imperative

IMC Webinar - Issue Management in the Boardroom: The Evolving Risk/Opportunity Oversight Imperative

Wednesday, 20 October 2021, noon - 1:00 pm ET

As society’s expectations for their companies continue to evolve, Boards of Directors are reassessing their oversight and governance scope and practices.  Issues as diverse as climate change, global pandemic, cyber ransomware attacks, supply chain continuity, racial equity and CEO behavior have caused boards to re-think the controls and processes companies have in place to preserve and enhance reputation and market share.

Vada O. Manager (formerly Director, Global Issues Management at Nike) and Kim Nelson (formerly SVP, External Affairs at General Mills) have carried their deep corporate issue management experience into the Boardroom, where they now serve as Directors for Valvoline and Colgate-Palmolive, respectively.  This one-hour webinar features a candid conversation between these two leaders as they share insights on the following points:

  • How are expectations for Board engagement on issues changing?
  • How and when are Boards engaging on issues of critical importance to their companies?
  • What types of issue intelligence do board members appreciate and in what format?
  • How can companies embed strategic consideration of emerging issues into the boardroom agenda?

These two speakers present unique duality in both Board leadership and issue management and their perspectives will spark an informed and lively conversation on evolving governance practices.

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Registration closes Tuesday, 19 October 2021.

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