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IMC Webinar: Issue, Crisis, Risk: How to Distinguish What We Do

IMC Webinar: Issue, Crisis, Risk: How to Distinguish What We Do

Featured Speaker: Teresa Yancey Crane, Editor, Corporate Public Issues
DateThursday, 25 February 2021
Time: Noon to 1 pm ET

All of us are being hit “fast and furious” with what seems like an unrelenting stream of one crisis event after the other.  But not everything at the doorstep is a crisis.  Not every decision merits escalation or intervention.  We need to turn down the noise and ramp up the functioning of our processes and people to better focus on priorities.

This one-hour primer reminds us about the importance of distinguishing between an Issue, Crisis, Risk and Problem.

  • What characteristics are unique to each term?
  • How do they differ in deployment of resources and resolution methods? 
  • What parts of the enterprise are appropriate for involvement? 
  • Under whose jurisdiction are they best led?
  • What language and images can be used to convey these distinctions to Leadership and the broader base of internal stakeholders?

After this conversation, you will be better able to define a plan going forward that will direct internal resources and deflect external hits.

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Registration closes Wednesday, 24 February at 12pm ET. 

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