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IMC Webinar: Getting in Front of Breaking Bad News

IMC Webinar: Getting in Front of Breaking Bad News

Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 11:30 am ET

In his book, Breaking Bad News, author Jeff Hahn maps out his crisis communication system. His theory is that crisis communications is not a dark art. Instead, it is a learn-able system with tools that can be mastered before a crisis event occurs. In this webinar, Jeff will discuss three of the most critical tools of his system and provide insights on how issue management planning can help a rapid response team make faster, more accurate decisions.  

  • Dissonance develops when actions are out of sync with values or messages.  This is the area where many issues are born and Hahn applies Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance Model to navigate the emotion and choose options to re-align.
  • Hahn’s Reputation Dissonance Model outlines the five anticipated actions that need to occur within the Tick Tock Box—the first 120 minutes of a reputation crisis.
  • Jeff also will share his Flow Chart Interpretation of Benoit’s Image Repair Typology, illustrating strategy decisions and message tactic options that vary depending on whether you make the reputation decision to accept or reject blame.

It sounds like heady neuroscience but Jeff has a very listener-friendly approach that’s packed with examples drawn from more than 30 years managing issues in companies like Motorola, Lockheed and the Kennedy Space Center.  If your work includes preparing for crisis, with the intent to mitigate its negative hit on your revenue and reputation, plan to tune into this instructive one hour conversation.

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