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IMC Member Chat - 16 April 2020

IMC Member Chat - 16 April 2020

How are you identifying and confronting the issues stemming from COVID-19? How are you planning and strategizing for the next phase of continued turmoil, change and mixed recovery and response across geographies?
Spend an hour and tap into the collegial brain trust that comes with membership in the Issue Management Council

Who: IMC Board of Directors and Members
What:  IMC Member Chat: COVID Continued
When:  Thursday, 16 April from Noon to 1pm (Eastern)

Building on the March IMC Member Chat on crisis containment, how can our organizations move forward into the next phase of response to the COVID outbreak? While there are amazing philanthropic and monitoring activities occurring, this hour will be spent on how to best inform senior management decisions to balance conflicting expectations, resource requirements and needs.  Specifically, the call will cover:

The Issue Strategy Team

  • Forming the right strategy team with the necessary skill sets
  • Defining desired outputs for the team
  • Next steps toward achieving desired outcomes

Issue Outlook
To distill content that’s most useful to members from very different industries and companies, rather than attempting to provide “answers” to current challenges, we will focus on identifying a handful of key questions that need to be raised internally and will be answered differently, according to individual company industry, circumstances and culture:

  • How would we define our own stages of COVID evolution—what does “recovery” mean? 
  • What are the triggers or events that move us—as an enterprise—from one stage to the next?
  • How do our organization’s policies, activities, messages change as the outbreak stages evolve?
  • What are the key drivers that will inform decisions?
  • How do we balance responsibility, philanthropy and sustainable profitability?
  • Final point:  This journey, like Issue Management and all anticipatory planning, is a process, and will morph according to developments, players, possibilities.  All subject to continual evolution, not a static decision.

At this time, Target Corporation has great work to share.  IMC Board Member Erin Rath and her team will therefore launch the conversation.

The content of the chat is confidential and is offered only to IMC members of record.  Reserve your place via reply email now.

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