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IMC Member Chat

IMC Member Chat

"And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor:  
Advertising Issues in a Divisive World”

Date: Thursday, 5 May 2022, 11 am until noon, Eastern

Where you place your advertising dollars is a statement about your company.  How do you make best effort to be sure decisions regarding such partnerships support your brand, corporate values and stakeholder reputation?  In this one-hour Chatham House rules conversation, members of the Issue Management Council will explore the complexities of advertising in a divisive world.  For discussion:

  • Is your Issue Management team consulted on decisions regarding advertising placement and/or brand partnerships?
  • How do you ensure such activities are brand positive?
  • Do you have a tool to assess risk/reward of certain advertising/partnership decisions?
  • Do you have triggers in place that would drive reassessing ad placement or partnerships?
  • How do you maintain control in such partnerships?
  • Have you examples of times you’ve been stung by advertising/partnerships? What did you learn and how have you adapted your internal vetting processes as a result?
  • On the opportunity side, have you examples where Issue Management guidance has resulted in highly successful ad placement?

IMC Member Chats are conducted under “Chatham House Rules” and not recorded.  Open to IMC Members only.

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