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2018 IMC Roundtable - When Local is Global

2018 IMC Roundtable - When Local is Global

Hosted by Southern California Edison

When: Thursday, 15 November 2018

Where: Los Angeles, California


Nationalistic trends can have worrisome effects for visitors and non-citizens.  What is the appropriate role for corporate leaders whose employee, customer, supplier and community populations resemble the United Nations?

That’s the topic for this Issue Management Council Roundtable, to be hosted by Southern California Edison.  As always, the conversation will not address positions “for” or “against” a specific issue.  Instead, each participant will bring to the table experience and insights, choosing from the following topics:

  • How do current trends collide with key stakeholders in this operating arena, creating issues that did not previously show up as “material”?  Part of the answer: Additional factors in Issue Analysis tool
  • How do we appropriately engage on these issues, in order to help our companies proactively get a jump start on mitigating threats or pursuing opportunity?  Part of the answer: Deeper Issue Action engagement across functions to include everything from language and images to advocacy to product/service development
  • How do we set goals on these issues and report results internally (and externally)?  Part of the answer: Create new or expand existing feedback mechanisms, dashboards and reporting channels that include “softer” measurements

IMC Board members from Southern California Edison and Kaiser Permanente will launch the conversation, followed by other participants.  It will be a true Roundtable conversation capped at 18 participants, in the collegial, candid and confidential spirit of learning and improving governance for which the IMC is known.  

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