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2018 IMC Roundtable - Stakeholder Engagement: Shifting Gears

2018 IMC Roundtable - Stakeholder Engagement: Shifting Gears

Event:  Stakeholder Engagement: Shifting Gears
Date:  Tuesday, 24 April 2018, 8:30 a.m. until noon
Location:  Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Changing power dynamics require a deeper understanding of stakeholders.  It’s not enough to map the landscape of who’s for or against your position.  This off-line conversation among experienced practitioners will take a deep dive into the emerging questions of advanced stakeholder engagement, for example:

  • How to strategically move to action when stakeholder expectations are “all over the map”?
  • What are new roles for stakeholders as issue advocate partners — influencing both external and internal perspectives?
  • Changing social media tactics – is #NeverAgain the new normal?
  • Is there a time and place for “No Comment”?  What are constraints to stakeholder communication?
  • Sadder but Wiser:  Stories of “lessons learned” from unforeseen stakeholder break-ups
This exchange will be sparked by Lee Anderson, Director, Global Issues Management & Public Affairs, General Mills, who will start with a broad-brush overview of how the Issue Management process works at his company.  The morning will continue with interactive conversation outlined above, then conclude with a lightning round of participant current interests and advancements in the practice of Issue Management.

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